Rolling Stocks Make Money
But Only For Those Who Sell Their
Systems and Hot Tips
About Rolling Stocks.

Rolling Stocks are stocks that go up and down between consistent risk and support price levels. The theory is that these stocks "roll" between predictable high barriers and low floors.

People who sell tips or systems based on rolling stocks often focus on small cap or penny stocks because they are so volatile. Since these stocks bounce up and down, of course some will make money using a rolling stock theory...

... as long as they stay between their barriers. A rolling stock is only a rolling stock as long as it rolls!

The problem?

Even more lose money, when they crash through that so-called floor. And other rolling stocks get sold too soon, after which they soar right through that so-called ceiling, severely limiting profits made off your winners!

The big problem is that rolling stocks have no basis in reality. Even if money could be made with such a simple strategy, how long would it be before everyone concentrated on rolling stocks? And then, of course, no one would make money at rolling stocks!

Sure, if there was true support at a certain price level, and if there was true resistance at a higher price level, rolling stocks would work. But that "if" lives in rolling stock FantasyLand.

Rolling stocks just don't work in a reliable, repeatable fashion.

Instead, use your own brain to make your own stock investing decisions...

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